Handley Cup Soccer League Year-End Wrap Up!

Dear Handley Cup Soccer League Participants,


Thanks so much for a great season! In recent memory we have never lost three whole weekends due to snow, so thank you for being so accommodating and understanding. All things considered, we had a lot of fun administering the league from our end, and so we hope that you all enjoyed playing as much as we did watching!


Congratulations to all of the Term 2 champions:


Women’s Tier 1 Campus-Wide: Bend It Like RECkham
Men’s Tier 1 Campus-Wide: Metrosexual Foreigners

Men’s Tier 1 Divisional: Kappa Sigma Raiders


If you are graduating, we wish the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. If you’ll be at UBC in the fall, we hope to see you around future UBC REC Intramurals leagues and events!


Kind regards,

The Handley Cup Soccer League Staff