Captain’s Meeting Location and Times

Hello Captains and Team Representatives,

Below you will find the dates, times and locations for this semester’s League’s Captain’s Meetings.  Please note that each team must send a representative (preferably the captain) to 1 meeting.   Even if you went to a meeting in a previous semester you are still required to attend a full duration meeting.  Teams only need to attend one meeting per semester.  Please note that teams that fail to send a representative to a captain’s meeting will forfeit every single game they play until they attend a meeting, with all attendant penalties in place.

Thursday September 21st – 6:30pm – Woodward 2

Friday September 22nd – 6:30pm – Woodward 2

Monday September 25th – 6:30pm – Hebb 100

Tuesday September 26th – 6:30pm – Hebb 100


If you have any questions please email your respective league (,, etc)