Your Guide to Finding or Making a Team for UBC Intramural Leagues

UBC Leagues | Ultimate Frisbee
If you’re looking for a way to fit in some movement into your week, meet new people, or stay connected with your friends during a busy semester – Intramural Leagues are a perfect opportunity to do just that! There are a wide variety of levels-of-play, and participation options that provide both a fun and safe environment. But we often get a lot of questions about what leagues are available, what the participation structure is, and how you can find or make a team.

What Leagues Are Available?

We offer leagues for 9 different sports each term: Street Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Futsal, Soccer, Dodgeball, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, and Flag Football. The registration deadline for Term 2 leagues is December 1st, 2017! Certain divisions within the leagues will fill up early so make sure to register your team while space is still available.

  • Pro Tip: The reg deadline is Dec 1st but your roster doesn’t need to be finalized until January so secure your team spot then spend December recruiting for the last few spots on your team!

What is the Participation Structure?

UBC Intramurals Participation Structure

In UBC’s Intramural Leagues, there are a number of different participation options that you can choose from depending on the environment that you are looking to play in. Essentially, your team needs to answer these four questions in this infographic to figure out where you fit best – click the image to enlarge it!


And if you would like any further details on our participation structure please see the Intramurals Participation Structure page.

How to Find or Make your Intramural Leagues Team:

Option 1: Make Your Own Team

Grab some friends, ask them to bring their friends, and see how many people you can put together for a team. If you’re just shy a few people, head over to our UBC Intramurals Free Agents Facebook Page where you can pick up players who are looking to join an existing team!.
But keep in mind that the roster deadline isn’t until January, so you still have all of December to fill those last few spots after you register!

Option 2: Find an Existing Team

There are plenty of ways that you can try to find an existing team if you don’t know enough people in the sport that you’re interested in playing in:

  • Talk to your faculty’s undergraduate society! Most undergrad societies have a sports representative who will either captain, or know of teams in your faculty and can connect you with them. And then – bonus – you’ll end up playing with people that are potentially in your classes!
  • Do you live in residence or are you a Collegia member? Talk to an advisor who will be able to connect you with other individuals in your community who are also looking for a team or who already have a team!
  • If all else fails, you can look for a team on the Free Agent Facebook Page. This is a great tool to round out your team, but we highly recommend that you use the above resources before this for a more enjoyable UBC Leagues experience.

Okay I’m Ready – How Do I Register?

Once you’re ready to register, you need to collect the following information for the captain (probably you if you’re reading this), and a co-captain on your team.

  • First & Last Name
  • Student Number (or employee number if you’re a UBC Staff & Faculty!)
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Once you have that information you are ready to register your team online, or in-person at the Student Recreation Centre! Hooray!
If you’re looking to register online, navigate to the webpage of the league that you’re interested in and find the correct category under “Registration”. Click the button below to find your league!