Term One Leagues Highlights

Term 1 is finally coming to an end, but it’s been a great 3 months of sport, fun, and friends! Here are some of the highlights from our term 1 Intramural teams…


Street Hockey

“The revival of our CoRec pool! For the first time in over a year we have had a significant increase in female participants and our CoRec league flourished because of it! A$ap Hockey, Chicks with Sticks and the Riptides have been tearing up the court all season and we’d like to see it continue moving into our second semester season! To add onto this success, two of our three teams were completely new to the league and have really made their mark in the standings, meaning now is the best time to sign up your new CoRec Street Hockey team!”



“We had cheerleaders come out to support teams at some of our last couple of games!”



“Record turnout for free agent meetings!”

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