Nitobe Basketball League Term 1 Wrap Up!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for participating in the Nitobe Basketball League for the 2017 Fall Term!

Our winners for this term are:

• CoRec Tier 1 Campus Wide: Pit Night Ballers
• CoRec Tier 1 Divisional: Sauder Snakes

• CoRec Tier 2 Campus Wide: Tunesquad
• CoRec Tier 2 Divisional: The Slam Docs

• Open/Men’s Tier 1 Campus Wide: Under Water Squad
• Open/Men’s Tier 1 Divisional: Beta Dragons

• Open/Men’s Tier 2 Campus Wide: Bullets
• Open/Men’s Tier 2 Divisional: Hemoglobin Trotters

• Open/Men’s Tier 3 Campus Wide: HK Yours
• Open/Men’s Tier 3 Divisional: Dead Precedents

• Women’s (W2STGN) Tier 1 Campus Wide: Buff Mamas
• Women’s (W2STGN) Tier 1 Divisional: Alpha Females

• Women’s (W2STGN) Tier 2 Campus Wide: Splash Sisters

We hope that you have a great break and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

With love,
The Nitobe Basketball League Crew