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A Great Builder and Friend

By Fred Hume, Historian, UBC Athletics “When the history of Women’s Athletics at UBC is written, most of that document will be about the development and accomplishments of the program under the stewardship of Marilyn Pomfret.” These thoughts expressed years ago by Professor Emeritus Thelma Sharp Cook have since proven to be both prophetic and […]


UBC Intramurals History: 1970-2015

Written by Fred Hume, UBC Sport Historian.  UBC’s Intramural Sports Program, in 2016, has come a long way since its inception in 1935. In fact it has been quite the story on campus beginning in and around the year 1970. It was three years previous that Nestor Korchinsky was hired by Bob Osborne, UBC’s director […]


UBC Intramurals History 1935 – 1970

It was organized in the spring of 2015 by Intramural/Recreation alumni – some of whom date back 50 years – and was inspired by Nestor Korchinsky and his team. That being a reunion of those who were not only associated with Intramurals but who lived the experience and passion of this UBC program. As it happens, 2015 is the 80th anniversary of UBC Intramurals and it was this Legacy Alumni Reunion that seemed to inspire a look back at the history – an overview at least – of Intramurals at UBC.


Renaissance Man

To say Nestor Korchinsky is unique is an understatement. Virtually everyone will agree he stands out as a creative, innovative and inspiring leader.