Welcome to UBC Recreation Fitness!

The BirdCoop Fitness Centre is dedicated to bring a fun and friendly environment to all of the UBC students, staff/faculty, and surrounding community members. Here at the BirdCoop we offer a wide variety of fitness activities for all fitness levels ranging from starter programs and classes to boot camps, group and individual personal training, as well as Be Fit and Cycle Fit classes.

The BirdCoop Fitness Centre is also home to a climbing cave that is open during club hours to climbers of all abilities. Various routes of different levels have been set up and are changed on a regular basis. Membership to the BirdCoop Fitness Centre includes access to the climbing cave.

Our staff strive to create a clean and safe environment, where you are encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We want you to feel great, not only from your workout, but from the experience and friends you make while training here.


Latest Fitness News

Fall Programs 2017

Get ready for fall programs! Find out about our fall programs and sign up for your favourite classes, sports, or programs.

Check out our 2017 Fall Recreation Guide!

Get moving with UBC Recreation! We are proud to offer various recreational programs and to participants of all ages. If you’re new to UBC or aren’t sure how to find ways to move more and sit less, check out the programs we offer specifically for UBC students, UBC Staff and Faculty, the community, and youth.

Download your own copy of UBC Recreation’s 2017 Fall Guide or stop by one of our facilities to pick up a hard copy!

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Boot Camps at the Student Recreation Centre!

Get fit, have fun, and meet new people who share the same interests!

Outdoor Bootcamps | Start small and build up gradually!

Working out in the sunshine or rain can be more fun than indoor fitness activities. If you like outdoor activities more than going to the Gym, or just want something different, this boot camp is for you! Try out this class for free during Free Week!