Welcome to UBC Recreation Fitness!

The BirdCoop Fitness Centre is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the UBC Community. The BirdCoop offers gym memberships, a climbing cave, as well as group and individual personal training for individuals of all fitness levels.

Our staff strive to create a clean and safe environment, where you are encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. We want you to feel great, not only from your workout, but from the experience and friends you make while training here.





Latest Fitness News


UBC REC is glad to introduce a new bootcamp format to the UBC Community, RAX! RAX is full body workout that incorporates various different exercises and combinations with gym equipment. It provides numerous exercises and movements that build strength, agility and flexibility. RAX will keep your heart rate up through by incorporating circuit training while also teaching you to adjust movements and the lifting weight for your own abilities through proper technique training. RAX is a new style of training that will give you a COMPLETE full body workout! For registration please visit our SPRING/SUMMER 2018 fitness programs page.

New Program Option for Iaido

In addition to the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday registration option for Iaido; there is now a Tuesday and Saturday option! Take advantage of these savings while still getting your fix out of Iaido! This new option will be $145 for Students, $165 for Staff/UNA Residents and $183 for the Public.

Click Here to check out our other fitness programs for the upcoming SPRING/SUMMER 2018 terms!

Registered for a Boot Camp? Bring a friend for free from April 3 – 6!

From April 3 – 6, bring a friend to any Boot Camp you are registered in for free!

This includes:

• Boot Camp for Beginners
• Boot Camp for Beginners Level 2
• Coop Combo Boot Camp
• Cycle Boot Camp
• Early Bird Boot Camp
• Early Riser Boot Camp
• Lunch Crunch Boot Camp


Enjoyed your class?  Register for the next session running from the week of April 10 to April 23.

Staff & Faculty Fitness Memberships

A Fitness membership to the gets you a lot more than just access to the gyms at UBC!

Unlimited Be Fit & Cycle Fit Classes

All staff, faculty, and public memberships gain you access to unlimited Be Fit & Cycle Fit classes – that’s numerous classes each week to get you moving and shake up your fitness routine! Classes are scheduled during lunch or at the end of a work day. Check out the online schedule for a class that best suits your schedule.
All Be Fit and Cycle Fit classes are included with the student Flex Pass, staff/faculty, CSC, and public memberships. Classes take place in the Student Recreation Centre or the ARC. Cycle Fit classes are shown in green and Be Fit classes are shown in blue.


Using a gym or attending fitness classes before work, during your lunch break, or after work will keep you energized! The Fitness Facilities at UBC are conveniently situated near the UBC Bus Loop and Nest. For more details on where the BirdCoop Fitness Centre and ARC are located, and the operational hours, visit the Fitness contact page.

Everything You Need!

Did you know that both the Student Recreation Centre and the ARC offer complimentary day lockers and locks? Just stop by the Operations desks and leave a piece of ID and they’ll provide you with a key to a locker for the day. All day lockers must be cleared out by the end of the day. There are also lockers available for rental on a term basis. Cost information for these lockers can be found on our Locker Rental page.

In the Student Recreation Centre you can also find men’s and women’s change rooms, washrooms, and shower facilities. There are also two single-stall universal changeroom & washrooms available.

In the ARC there are men’s, women’s and universal change rooms, washrooms, and shower facilities.

Interested in purchasing a membership

All new memberships must be purchased in-person at the BirdCoop Fitness Centre, Student Recreation Centre, or the ARC. Check the rates online, and then we hope to see you soon!

UBC Staff BirdCoop Member

Vicky - UBC Staff BirdCoop Member

Vicki Jung

“I enjoy the classes because I get a full body workout each class, I get to spend time with my colleagues outside of the office, and I have also made new friends!”

Vicki began participating participating in UBC Recreation programs after seeing other colleagues exercising during lunchtime. The fitness class times and locations are very convenient for her, and she finds a lunchtime workout is a great way to feel re-energized during a workday. Vicki’s involvement helps her feel connected to the UBC Community.