UBC Student BirdCoop Memberships

All student memberships must be purchased in person at the BirdCoop Fitness Centre. All rates include tax.

  • Birdcoop Memberships include the use of the BirdCoop Fitness Centre and the Climbing Cave.
  • Cycle Fit & Be Fit Flex Passes Upgrade your UBC Student BirdCoop Membership to include unlimited access to  Cycle Fit and Be Fit classes. To learn more about our Cycle Fit & Be Fit Classes please view the online schedule.
Length BirdCoop Membership Cycle Fit & Be Fit Flex Pass
Fall Term $30.00 $84.00
Winter Term $30.00 $104.00
1 Month N/A $32.00
Daily Drop-In $7.00 $8.00

1. Bring Your Student ID Card

You will be asked to provide proof of being a current UBC Student. A valid UBC Student ID card is your best option; however, if you do not have one, an official document that lists your first and last name in addition to your student ID number will suffice.

2. Know Your Information

You will be asked for your local phone number, email, and mailing address.

3. Fill out a Liability Waiver

These will be available to individuals standing in line or up at the desk when you come to purchase your membership.

4. Bring your Method of Payment

We accept payments by cash, debit, or credit card (visa and mastercard only).

UBC Staff, Faculty, CSC/UNA, and Public Memberships

Any new memberships must be purchased in person at the BirdCoop Fitness Centre. Returning staff, faculty, UNA, CSC, and Public members can renew their memberships online. All rates include tax and include use of the Birdcoop Fitness Centre, the climbing cave, and unlimited Be Fit and Cycle Fit classes.

Length UBC Staff & Faculty UNA & CSC Public
3 Months $129 ($43/month) $129 ($43/month) $147 ($49/month)
1 Month $45 $45 $51
Daily Drop-In $10 $10 $11

Conference and Accommodations

Visiting us for a conference? Show us your conference pass

Length Conference and Accommodations
1 Week $20
Daily Drop-In $8