Success Stories

Anthony Bailey is a Faculty member who works in Child Psychiatry

“I used to be slightly cynical about personal training. Perhaps they were just too into their bodies that it was a bit of self-indulgence, if you like. And I think having done it now, I’ve realized that it is probably the most efficient way to exercise. If I was just coming here by myself, I wouldn’t have made as much progress as I would have had if I didn’t have someone assessing me and seeing what I could and couldn’t do, working on the weakest things first, and then having a knowledgeable plan. I mean, I could have bought a book, but it wouldn’t have been the same as going to a psychiatrist. You wouldn’t get the same if you were just asking your neighbour. I think the advantages of having someone sort of be the expert is great.”

Marty Hollenberg is the Dean Emetrius of Medicine

“‘BirdCoop’ – I first thought what a strange name for a fitness centre. Then I got to know it better and realized that no matter what it’s called it is the place if you want to get in shape. It has a whole bunch of really great personal trainers who know their stuff and a warehouse full of fitness machines guaranteed to take you to the limit and then some. Highly Recommended.”

Derek Smith

“I had decided to go back to the gym in the summer of 2011 for two reasons: first I was getting a little overweight with some old clothes no longer fitting, but more importantly I had decided to go on a 210 mile hike across England from St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay on the Coast to Coast walk with my dad and needed to get back into shape. I decided to go with some personal training so I could get some direction and went with Kim Donaldson.

She has since had a large positive impact on my life, helping me improve my physical and mental shape. Through training with her in personal training sessions as well as the Early Morning Boot Camp she runs, I have lost about 10 pounds, and about 4 inches off my waist and walked across a country (albeit one of the smaller ones). The one downside is that some new pants are now too large and I had to get them adjusted!

Thanks for having great personal trainers, high quality equipment (and high quantity), long operating hours, and all those boot camp classes. I think that is a success. Not something of the magnitude of “The Greatest Loser”, but I’ve achieved my goal, gotten healthier and feel a lot better physically and mentally.”