We want every individual at UBC, whether student, faculty, staff or community resident, to find ways to move more and sit less. Let us help you find a way to move at UBC, through free and low barrier programs, designed to be fun for all abilities, backgrounds and fitness levels.

What’s Your Movement Goal?

Getting moving isn’t always just about “how you should for your health.” We believe in using recreation to help you meet other life goals.  Knowing why you want to move helps you to determine the best option. Click below on some of the movement goals to discover ideas of programs or events at UBC that might be of interest:

How Can We Help You Move at UBC?

There are so many options to move at UBC but unfortunately sometimes it's hard to find a way to fit it in among all the classes, work, family responsibilities or friend responsibilities.  We want everyone to find a way to move as part of their life at UBC, so if you're having trouble or concerns about whether a program or event is right for you because of age, health, clothing, fitness level, gender, special facility needs or other reasons, please let us discuss these with you!

Please call or send us an email at the Student Recreation Centre Operations desk to start the conversation and you will be directed to the appropriate program manager:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca

We want every person to find a way to participate in our programs.  Wherever possible, we strive to adapt programs and events, and integrate participants of all abilities into our programs.  You would be surprised to know what we have accomplished in order to ensure all our participants have an amazing experience! Let us see what we can do to help you also have a great time with UBC Recreation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Recreation Centre Operations desk and you will be directed to the appropriate program manager:
Tel: 604-822-6000 (SRC Operations Centre)
Email: src.operations@ubc.ca

UBC Recreation has joined other service providers, academic researchers and other partners across the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses to aid in the development of a plan to help UBC community members move more and sit less.  Looking at campus-wide strategies to create a culture that supports wellbeing through movement, we will be sharing the strategy with the broader community in late Fall 2016.

Learn about programs specifically suited to you

Physical Activity News & Upcoming Events

Staff & Faculty Sports Day | May 5th, 2017

This is a free event for all staff and faculty members and graduate students. Come and join in, enjoy some fun teamwork games and celebrate the end of the school year! Registration is now open for Staff and Faculty Sports Day 2017. Register before April 1st!

The Walking Angels | Faces of Recreation

Elaine Cho, Florence Yen, Helen Ho, Shirley Sia, and Debra Harris are staff at the Sauder School of Business.


Faces of Recreation | The Walking Angels

How long have you been participating in UBC Recreation programs?

We walk regularly with UBC Walkabout, and have been for 2 or 3 years now! One of our members also has participated in tennis and pool programs for more than 15 years.

Why do you choose UBC Recreation programs?

We started with Walkabout because it’s fun and it was a way to get out of the office and see what the campus has to offer!

What is the favourite story for your Walkabout team?

Walkabout is our favourite program because it gets us outside (even in the not-so-fine weather) on our lunches which brings us closer together. We get to appreciate the nature – new growth, trees and flowers blooming.

What is one thing you think other participants should know about UBC Walkabout?

Get outside, breathe in the clean air, and get those endorphins working. You’re not chained to your desk!

UBC Walkabout 2017 | January 16 – March 19

Join the 11th Walkabout, a 9-week health & wellbeing challenge! We encourage all community members (staff, faculty, students, alumni and the community) to walk a virtual journey to improve their wellbeing.

Movement Co. | Beat Your Stress!

Self-defense for everyone! Take part in a Krav Maga workshop followed by a discussion on safety on campus and in society. Movement Co. is hosting this event on Friday, Jan. 27th from 4-6pm!