Movement Co | UBC Recreation's free social club
Movement Co. is a social club designed to help people get a sampling of ways to get moving on campus, and make new friends. We’re about fun, not being the fittest or the fastest. We’re about finding new friends. We’re an inclusive, encouraging and motivational environment to try out new opportunities to build on our wellbeing.

Register now on our online form to attend some of our fun events designed to get you moving in a fun, social way! It includes prizes for participation and is open to students, staff & faculty, and members of the University Neighbourhood Association (ages 16+).

Movement Co. Kick-Off: Friday, January 13th @ 3pm

  • Come meet all the Movement Co. members in our fun kick-off to the Winter Term! Enjoy some light refreshments, maybe get a little sweaty and meet new people!

Beat Your Stress: Friday, January 27th @ 4pm

K-Pop Dance: Thursday, March 16th @ 12:30pm

Storm the Wall: Sunday and Wednesday, March 26th and 29th

We welcome you to join us for any of these FREE events!

Register with the button above or email for additional information.

Movement Co Members are also invited to all of our Step it Up walks!

Members need to register on our online registration form. This registration helps us ensure that our program works for our members- we plan to evaluate after one year to ensure we create something that moves you! When you register, you can also set your own personal goal for engagement. We ask that you commit to attending at least one event per month (a minimum of 3 per term). These events are focused on non-competitive, fun activities where you can also get your body moving enough to build and maintain your health. These events are specially picked to be welcoming to newcomers or people who aren't those ultra-fit athletes!

Once you sign up, you'll be invited to join the Facebook group and you'll be able to pick up your membership card from the Student Recreation Centre (and a variety of campus partners). Review our Community Guidelines [PDF]. On the Facebook group, Movement Co. Captains (leaders in our community) will post events or programs all over UBC that they want you to attend with them. When you attend, you'll find the Captain by looking for the UBC Movement Co. Flag and the captain will act as the leader for the group at that event. The Captain will likely take photos to share on the Facebook group.

Once you participate in a Movement Co. event, you can get a stamp from the Movement Co. Captain. Each term, if you participate in at least 3 Movement Club events (after get your membership card stamped by a Movement Co. Captain at each of these events), we'll enter you in a draw to earn prizes- from gift cards for lunch or free Personal Training sessions, fitness classes or swimming or tennis lessons, for example.

It's free to be a member, but some of our events or programs will have a cost (all of them, however, are under $20). You can opt into ones that fit your availability and budget, as we'll be offering a lot of different options.

Current UBC Movement Co. Organizational PartnersPhoto Credit: Rachel von Hahn

Any organization at UBC Point Grey is more than welcome to join the Movement Co. Please contact Alyssa Reyes at or 604-822-4909.

Meet your Live Active Outreach team. We are here to guide you through your physical activity journey!



Name: Amika

Favourite food: Burritos

Favourite way to get moving: Dancing

Time that you tried something new:

Running and other forms of cardio have been my favourite ways to get active for a while, but after trying out strength training, I have come to love it just as much! I’ve been starting slow and have found it to be really helpful for other activities like hiking and yoga.






Name: Claire

Favourite food: Watermelon  

Favourite way to get moving: Mountain biking and yoga  

Time that you tried something new:

While it is my favourite way to be active now, learning how to mountain bike was a huge challenge for me. Like many boys from where I grew up, my brother was taught how to ride at a pretty young age and I was always envious of this. I finally decided to face my fears and got into the sport by joining my high school's race team. I basically just jumped into the deep end and essentially learned during races. There were a lot of tears at the beginning but I continued to race for the next three years and to my surprise ended up coming third in provincials when I was in grade twelve. While the start may have been rocky (quite literally), I absolutely love getting outside and riding a new trail!



Name: Roshni

Favourite food: Ice Cream

Favourite way to get moving: Karate and softball

Time that you tried something new: Growing up, I had always hated distance running and avoided it when I could. I finally decided that even though I disliked it, I wanted to be faster, so I started running regularly. I didn’t have much success with it until I formed a running group with some friends. Together, we encouraged each other and pushed ourselves to improve. I’m still not the fastest one out there, but have improved a lot and run a few times a week – with a supportive environment, I was able to achieve a goal of mine, and don’t even hate running anymore!







Favourite food:  Chocolate

Favourite way to get moving: Sailing

Time that you tried something new: This past winter I tried ziplining in Whistler! I was terrified but in the end it was worth it -- I would have missed out on some beautiful views if I never tried it!







Name: Lamiah

Favourite food: Sushi

Favourite way to get moving: Hiking

Time that you tried something new: My first yoga class experience was super overwhelming and I felt like everyone in the class knew exactly what they were doing and I was so lost. I didn’t know any of the basic positions and felt so embarrassed and immediately wanted to quit and leave the class. Halfway through the class the instructor came and helped me with some of the positions and encouraged me throughout, I instantly felt more comfortable and continued to attend classes. Now I find yoga the best way to relieve stress and take my mind off things for a little while. Sometimes unfamiliar territory can be scary and intimidating, but if you take the chance you might find something that can benefit your overall wellbeing!