Junior Thunderbirds Spring Hockey

Junior Thunderbirds Identification Camp

UBC is proud to announce identification camp dates for the 2018 UBC Junior Thunderbirds Spring Hockey Program!

Formerly known as UBC Thunder Hockey, the Junior Thunderbirds program was a huge success in its’ inaugural year. Success came with the help of dedicated coaches, premium ice times, fantastic facilities, participation from Alumni hockey players, current Varsity Players, and a great group of kids from all over the Lower-Mainland.

Please look carefully at the table below for the appropriate Identification Camp ice-time for your child. Ice times are organized by birth-year.

What is an I.D Camp?

An I.D camp is a way for the UBC Jr. Thunderbirds to assess interest in the participating age groups. An I.D camp provides players the opportunity to showcase themselves for Jr. Thunderbirds coaches, and potentially be offered a spot at the conclusion of camp to play for the upcoming spring hockey season. Included in your camp fee is 1.5 hours of ice, a Jr. Thunderbirds practice jersey, and an evaluation upon request. Nobody is “cut” from an I.D Camp, it is simply a way to get on the radar of the program as we try and solidify teams as early as possible.

Are there other age groups, female groups?

Jr. Thunderbirds will field interest for a 2004, 2005 and initiation female team (2011-2009). There will not be an I.D camp for these age groups, but interest will be gathered through the online registration form found at http://www.recreation.ubc.ca/ice/junior-thunderbirds/registration/

Where/how can I register?

  1. For participants of the I.D camp; register using the course code below next to your age group.
  2. You may also phone in your registration through the director of UBC Jr. Thunderbirds, Mike Nardi; 604-827-4936.
  3. Or in person at the Proshop prior to, or on the day of the I.D camp.

For 2005, 2004 or female registrants, please fill out the form online found here;


Who will be watching my child at the I.D Camp?

The Jr. Thunderbirds I.D Camp will be hosted at UBC and will be conducted by former UBC Junior Thunderbird coaches. Evaluations will be done by the director of UBC Junior Thunderbirds, and a 3rd party evaluator. All participants will be contacted by email with results of their camp. The entirety of each team will not be picked at the time of this evaluation; and as such, no skaters will be formally released.

Birth Year Date Time Course Code Cost
2010 Oct. 20, 2017 7:00-9:00 #20658  $60
2011 Oct. 20, 2017 7:45-9:45 #20658  $60
2006 Oct. 20, 2017 8:45-10:45 #20658  $60
2007 Oct. 20, 2017 9:30-11:30 #20658  $60
2008 Oct. 20, 2017 10:30-12:30 #20658  $60
2009 Oct. 20, 2017 11:15-13:15 #20658  $60