Steve and Kris Gustavson

steve and kris Gustavson


Vancouver, BC

Nursing & MSN and Engineering & MBA


How did being a student staff with UBC REC impact your experience at UBC?

Being involved with (what was then called Intramurals) UBC REC really expanded our opportunities to participate and contribute to playing sports and creating long-lasting memories and friendships. Both of us were in the Faculty of Applied Science – Steve in Mechanical Engineering and Kris in Nursing, and had we not been involved in UBC REC and the Greek System, our circle of friends and experiences would have been much more insulated. The skills we learned working at IM such as organization, logistics, communication and flexibility helped us while in school and certainly beyond as we embarked on our careers and family life.

How have you stayed connected to the UBC REC program?

Well, seeing as we “connected” and began dating while working at UBC IM, we have always kept in touch with Nestor Korchinsky and other friends who worked and/or played with us in Intramurals. Over the past few years with more of a resurgence of building the IM Alumni, we have been part of planning committees and attended annual banquet dinners and events. Last year Kris had the privilege of speaking to the current REC staff as part of an alumni panel – what an amazing group of young people UBC REC recruits and supports! In fact our middle son Peter was hired by UBC REC and is an assistant director for the Intramural Dodge Ball league this year…..the legacy continues.

What is your fondest memory of being a student staff?

Favourite memories include: The Whistler staff trip, early morning meetings with Nestor at White Spot, the Arts ’20 Relay, and the totally fun Friday noon hour runs. Hanging out in the UBC IM office space, which was “new” and a huge improvement from the corner of the War Memorial Gym was always fun, filled with laughter, easy conversation and something to do besides study and stress over school.

What are you doing now?

The two of us have continued our love of sports and our affinity to UBC. Each of us returned to UBC for graduate studies. Steve for a MBA and Kris for a MSN when the boys were very young. Kris continues to bridge academia and practice as an Adjunct Professor with the UBC School of Nursing.

Over the years we have coached, coordinated and administered many and varied community sports. Steve is the current District Administrator for the West side of Vancouver for Little League Baseball and Kris coordinated Challenger (special needs) Baseball at Little Mountain for 10 years and was selected as the first international Challenger team to play at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 2014.

Steve is currently an Independent Engineering Consultant, after almost 30 years of experience with an international consulting firm. Kris works for the Provincial Health Services Authority as the Corporate Director, Accreditation & Patient Experience. She provides expertise as a surveyor for Accreditation Canada International and has worked on health quality and patient safety on 5 continents

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