Race Day Information

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Race Route (Long) Follow the blue route. Canoes leave from the eastern launch at Jericho Sailing Centre and head north to the first yellow mark. Steer immediately east passing the orange mark on the north side (keep it to your right) and to the far eastern beach for baton retrieval. After pick up, head north west towards the yellow mark, then west to the final yellow mark for a sharp left turn and south to the finish beach.

Just For Fun Route (Short) Follow the initial start of blue route, then pink route loop. Canoes leave from the eastern launch at Jericho Sailing Centre and head north to the yellow first mark. Steer immediately east to the orange mark and then due south to the near beach for baton retrieval. After pick up, head north towards the yellow mark, then west to the final yellow mark for a sharp left turn and south to the finish beach.

Wind and Tides The wind and tide will effect the exact location of the marks (sometimes called buoys) - you'll find them very easy to spot as they're big!

Competitive Race Route Description:

  1. All team members will begin in their boat, except for a runner, who will start in a chair on the beach. Once the starting horn/timer is sounded, the runner will move and enter their boat, at which point teams will begin to paddle.
  2. The canoe must paddled directly north approx 50m and pass to the west/left hand side of the first yellow buoy/mark, then paddle eastwards to the baton beach passing the orange buoy/mark on the north side.
  3. At the baton beach a runner will leave the boat and retrieve the baton and get back in the canoe. He/she must move through two sets of 'slalom' gates when on the beach, going through the far gates when heading back to the canoe. Canoes are encouraged to paddle to the further gate when their runner is on the beach. A second person is allowed to get out of the boat on the beach side at this point if needed to aid canoe stability only.
  4. The complete team paddle westerly, moving to the north side of the two most northerly yellow buoys/marks. At the furthest one, the canoe turns 90 degrees south and paddles to the finish beach.
  5. Arriving at the finish beach, the runner wearing the team number will alight and run up the beach to strike the gong hanging from the inflatable finish arch. Once the gong is struck, the timing is stopped.

Just For Fun Route Description: The procedure is the same as the competitive route except boats will turn south at the orange buoy/mark. Turn 90 degrees right here heading south to the closer beach for batons (there are no gates to run through). Finally head north around the two yellow buoys/marks and home!

Safety on Capsizing: If a canoe capsizes by the beach/launch, the team will have the opportunity to refloat and continue. The Jericho Sailing Centre Safety Boat will deem whether this is a safe distance from the shore. A capsize at sea will result in a Jericho Sailing Centre Safety Boat rescue for all the paddlers - all participants must remain with the upturned vessel and Team Captains must account for all their team verbally.

Disqualifications and Forbidden Play: For safety reasons, the following will result in an automatic disqualification for all teams:

  1. Grabbing onto another participant’s equipment (paddle, PFD (Personal Flotation Device), or boat).
  2. Using the paddle for something other than moving the boat through the water.
  3. Intentionally colliding with another canoe and/or intentionally inhibiting another team’s ability to race.
  4. Paddling through a team that has capsized.
  5. Drinking alcohol or suspected of being intoxicated.
  6. The runner who will be picking up the baton must wear footwear when running to the baton tent. Depending on the tide, the beach can be very rocky so barefeet/flip flops are prohibited.

Also for competitive teams:

  1. Registering without the appropriate photo identification.
  2. Incorrect imports and ratios.
  3. Missing a buoy/mark.
  4. Leaving the boat other than at the baton pick-up tent and the end of the race. The following people maximum may be out of the boat during the race:
  • Runner at start.
  • Baton runner.
  • Baton beach stability (if needed).
  • Finish gong runner.

Prior to paddling: Arrive at Jericho Sailing Centre - free parking is available from Oct 1st.  Alternatively, if you are departing from UBC, there will be shuttle from UBC (schedule to be posted following clinics weekend. Follow the signs to Registration located immediately outside the main Jericho Sailing Centre building. Our Longboat volunteer team will take care of you from there.

  1. Your complete team must arrive at least 45 mins before your first race with UBC Student/Staff ID (for staff/students) or Government recognized ID (if Public). You must have ID in order to race. You'll be issued your wristbands and team number - don't lose it until you've finished your final race.
  2. There are changing facilities and washrooms located upstairs in Jericho Sailing Centre.
  3. Once through Registration you should move into our Holding Area as soon as possible.
  4. There is a charged Bag Check available with access from the Holding Area and Festival: a maximum of two bags per team with a one time fee.
  5. Shortly before you race, your team will be called forward to pick up paddles and PFD’s (Personal Flotation Device). You'll then move into the holding tent on the beach where you will  receive final race instructions!

Equipment and clothing: UBC Recreation will supply all equipment, including PFD’s and paddles. Participants are allowed to bring their own PFD if so desired, but UBC Recreation paddles must be used. Different sized PFD’s and paddles will be available. Make sure you bring clothes appropriate for the weather, also spare set/towel in case you get wet and no open toed footwear if you are leaving the boat at any point during the race (baton and finish runners).

After you finish your race:

  1. Hand in your loaned equipment and make sure you keep your team number.
  2. Check for your advancements at the Information Area shortly after you finish (located by the beach gates and First Aid).
  3. Enjoy the festival in our marquee tent, our sponsors and the facilities at Jericho Sailing Centre.
  4. If you race again, there's no need to complete Registration, just show your wristband to the Holding Area staff member and don't be late for your race!
  5. Grab your bag before you leave, take photos and have happy memories!

Scheduling: Teams will be placed in heats by catagory (such as division, community etc). From these heats, the top teams (depending on the number of teams in each division) will automatically advance to the next heat, semi-finals or finals.

Advancements: The outcome of your first race on Day of the Longboat race will determine whether your team will advance into a further heat, a Semi-Final or Final. Results and advancements are determined on-site, and will be available in the Information Area soon after your race. This is how you will determine whether you race again, and if so, when your next race will take place.

Heat Schedule Publishing:  Team Captains will receive this by email and it will be published here on this site. The schedule will be posted no later than 5pm on Fri prior to the Race Weekend.

The schedule will follow here for this year's competition and posted on your team page: