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Welcome to UBC’s Largest Zumba

The 2017 UBC’s Largest Zumba has passed.

Event Description UBC Recreation and Thrive are wrapping up Thrive 2017 with UBC's Largest Zumba! This FREE event is open to everyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. On Friday, November 4th from 12 to 1 PM, take an hour out of your busy schedule to get moving! Jam-packed with free healthy snacks, music, and a resource fair with wellbeing-focused activities, the Thrive Wrap-Up has it all!

Zumba is a Latin American-inspired dance fitness style, also known as the world's largest fitness party. Zumba is about getting moving and having fun, but there are also many activities outside of dancing for those who aren't comfortable grooving. We hope to see you at the Student Recreation Centre gymnasium on Friday, November 3rd!

Trying Zumba with us? Remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Event Format

Easy-to-follow Zumba class broken into two, 15 min. sessions with other games and activities available for participation, followed by free healthy snacks, music and a resource fair.

Held at the Student Recreation Centre (6000 Student Union Blvd).

For event related questions please e-mail live.active@ubc.ca.

Event Date: 12pm Friday Nov 3rd 2017

Latest Largest Zumba News

UBC’s Largest Zumba

Feeling stressed? Want to get moving? Feel like you should get a workout in but don’t have the motivation? 

We’ve got the event for you! UBC Recreation & Thrive bring you: UBC’s Largest Zumba!! 


Workouts don’t have to be a chore, they don’t even have to feel like a workout!! We’re talking a HUGE, FUN, SOCIAL DANCE PARTY!!!!

Unlike going to the gym which can be intimidating, competitive and frustrating, Zumba is a social, communal based activity which releases endorphins and nerve transmitters, improving mood and eliminating stress. As it incorporates elements of both dance and aerobics, you get to work out the entire body! 

Zumba has an amazing ability to burn calories. On average, 300-600 calories are burned in a single hour! 

Zumba has recently become increasingly popular over the years- and its super obvious why! For starters, it’s fun and super engaging, and easily done by all ages and abilities. It also promotes better: 

  •  posture
  • flexibility
  • metabolism
  • mood
  • strength
  • endurance
  • coordination

Most importantly, you get to make new friends while doing something fun!!! 

So UBC, come get moving and grooving with us! 


If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, comment on our giveaway post a groovy 2000’s dance tune YOU want to hear- for your chance to win a FREE MONTH OF ZUMBA CLASSES! You can find the post here: https://www.facebook.com/ubcrec/photos/a.157160484301853.34271.124560474228521/1897899633561254/?type=3&theater 

See you all there, November 3rd at 12:00-1:00 pm in the Student Recreation Centre. 

UBC’s Largest Zumba – Let Zumba Be Your Stress Reliever!

Join UBC’s largest Zumba class on November 4th from 12:00-1:00pm at the SRC Gym, dance your way to fitness with this high energy class!