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Welcome to the Pumpkin Run

The 2017 Pumpkin Run has passed.

Event Description: Celebrate the formation of UBC Point Grey Campus.

Want to increase your daily activity count with a scenic run during your day? No problem, come do it with a work colleague! Want to race for your Triple Crown? You can do that too! We've changed the format of this popular event so you can enjoy it even more!

This is the best way to celebrate the Fall, pumpkins and all it has to offer. You can take part in one of two ways: either as an individual on a 6km run/walk or as part of a four person relay.

  • Timing results for all.
  • Gift for all participant.
  • Post-event smoothies, pumpkin themed food, beverages and celebrations.
  • Staff and family friendly; if you're walking, feel free to bring kids along too.


Event Format: Complete our 6k fun run with a team or as an individual! This event is a component of the Triple Crown award.

Don't want to be competitive? Register as just for fun individual and complete a 2km run on your own filled with festive activities around each corner!

CoRec Ratio: Relay teams can have a maximum of two self-identified men on a team

Timings: The run begins at 2:00pm. Food and gifts on completion, awards at approx 3:30pm

Questions? Any questions about the event should be sent to im.events1@ubc.ca.

Registration Deadline: 5pm Mon Oct 23rd 2017

Team Roster Submission Deadline: 5pm Wed Oct 25th 2017

Event: 1:00pm onwards, Fri Oct 27th 2017


  • Running Race from 2:00pm.
  • Food, smoothies and gifts on completion.
  • Awards at approx 3:30pm.

When you are registering a team for UBC Recreation Intramurals Leagues or Events, there are a number of different participation options for your team based on the composition of your team in terms of skill level, gender identity and expression, and your campus community affiliations. If you are unsure of what to register for, follow these three steps prior to registering your team.

Competitive vs. Just For Fun

The first decision that you’ll have to make is whether your team wants to be a competitive team or a just for fun team.

Competitive Teams

Competitive teams are eligible for advancements, finals, and ultimately the winning of a championship shirt! In Intramural Leagues, there are also multiple tiers within each team structure which are outlined below in the Leagues Tier Explanation step.

If your team wants to compete as a competitive team, continue down this page to decide on the different team structure options for you to compete in.

Just For Fun Teams

If you’re here to try something new, or you just want to have fun outside of a competitive atmosphere, the Just For Fun category could be right for you! Please note that these teams do not qualify for advancements or championships, and in leagues they are not officiated.

If your team wants to participate as a Just For Fun Team then you can skip over the Team Structure and Tier Explanations, and jump to UBC Community Affiliations. In the Just For Fun category, team gender requirements are not applicable.

Competitive Team Categories

UBC strives to build a respectful and welcoming environment for all participants to enhance well-being, participation and a sense of community on campus through opportunities in Athletics and Recreation. We, acknowledge gender identity and gender expression as a spectrum. If you have further questions about our competitive team categories, please visit our Building a Respectful and Welcoming Environment in Recreation page.

If your team wants to compete on a competitive team you have three different team categories to choose from: Open/Men’s; Women’s, Two-Spirit, Trans, & Gender Non-Conforming; and CoRec. We encourage individuals to self-select where they feel they belong within the participation structure. UBC Recreation welcomes all our participants and we want to encourage participation for all.

Open/Mens Category

Men, Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming
This category welcomes all individuals to participate regardless of gender.

Women’s (W2STGN) Category

Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming
This category welcomes participation by those who self-identify as women, two-spirit, trans and gender non-conforming.

CoRec Category

Men, Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming
This category welcomes all individuals to participate regardless of gender; however, teams must adhere to a maximum number of self-identified men. Please refer to specific programs under the “Event Overview” or “League Overview” tab for additional information.

Once you have selected your team category

If you are registering for an Intramural League, move on to Leagues Tier Explanations to choose the Tier that best suits your team’s skill level in the respective sport.
If you are registering for an Intramural Event, please skip Leagues Tier Explanations and jump to UBC Community Affiliations to decide if your team will compete for a specific UBC Community or in the Campus Wide Division.

UBC Community Affiliations

Regardless of whether you’re competing in a competitive or just for fun team you have the ability to compete as a Campus Wide team or a Divisional team and represent your affiliated UBC Community Unit.

Divisional Teams

What is a Divisional Team?

If your team is made up of individuals from a single UBC Community Unit – faculty, residence, sorority, or fraternity (or CoRec teams with all men from one fraternity and women from one sorority) – you qualify to compete as a Divisional team. For a list of all Divisions and Units, visit the Unit Rankings by Division page.

For Divisional Teams, each team is allowed one “import”, an individual on your roster who is not from your declared unit. However, teams competing in the CoRec Hindmarch Division are not allowed any imports.

Why compete as a Divisional Team?

Throughout the year we keep track of the participation and performance of teams that qualify in Divisional Units. Typically, teams are comprised of members entirely from a single faculty, department, greek chapter, or residence. At the end of the year at the Hall of Fame event, awards are handed out for each Division based on their unit’s participation.

In addition, competitive teams who qualify as a Divisional Team compete separately form Campus Wide Teams in Day of the Longboat, Storm The Wall, and in all Intramural Leagues. There are entirely separate championship awards for Divisional teams. For more information, visit the Earl Awards and Unit Points page.

Campus Wide Teams

The Campus Wide division does not have any restrictions on units.

Please register online or at the Student Recreation Centre. Registration is open until 5pm Mon Oct 23rd 2017

UBC Students
Race Date Register by Barcode Price Register
UBC Students - Individual Fun Run Oct 27 Oct 23 71319 $15.00
UBC Students - Individual Competitive Oct 27 Oct 23 71319 $15.00
UBC Students - Open/Men's Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71320 $50.00
UBC Students - Women's (W2STGN) Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71320 $50.00
UBC Students - CoRec Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71320 $50.00
UBC Staff & Faculty
Race Date Register by Barcode Price Register
UBC Staff & Faculty - Individual Fun Run Oct 27 Oct 23 71317 $15.00
UBC Staff & Faculty - Individual Competitive Oct 27 Oct 23 71317 $15.00
UBC Staff & Faculty - Open/Men's Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71318 $50.00
UBC Staff & Faculty - Women's (W2STGN) Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71318 $50.00
UBC Staff & Faculty - CoRec Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71318 $50.00
Race Date Register by Barcode Price Register
Public - Individual Fun Run Oct 27 Oct 23 71315 $20.00
Public - Individual Competitive Oct 27 Oct 23 71315 $20.00
Public - Open/Men's Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71316 $80.00
Public - Women's (W2STGN) Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71316 $80.00
Public - CoRec Relay Oct 27 Oct 23 71316 $80.00

How do I find or create a team?

The most traditional way to find a team for all UBC Intramurals Leagues, Tournaments, Races, and Events is to talk to people in your classes, faculties, clubs, residences, and among your friends to find people who are also interested in participating in one of our dozens of programs.

Once you’ve got at least the minimum # of players of players to sign up, you can register online at the UBC Intramurals Online Registration Page , or in person at the Operations Desk of the Student Recreation Centre

Please be aware of the registration deadlines for the individual programs, and note that many of our programs do fill up, so it is better to register before the registration deadline.

What if I still can’t find a team?

1. Free Agent Facebook Page

UBC Intramurals hosts a Facebook page where players who are looking for a team, and teams that are looking for more players can be connected.  Please use the program specific threads for the League or Event(s) you are interested in participating in. For a more detailed listing of possible play times for all League Sports, please check out the UBC Intramurals Days of Play Schedule

2. Free Agent Meetings

Your second option is to attend the Free-Agent Meeting. At this meeting, we will try and match you up with other like-minded people and hopefully get you into position to register a team. Here are the currently scheduled Free Agent Meetings:

  • Free Agent Meeting for Fall Intramural Leagues & Events – Tuesday, Sep 12 2017 – 5:00pm – NOTE: There are three separate meetings. One is at the Totem Park Residence Commonsblock, one at the Place Vanier Residence Commonsblock, and one at the Orchard Commons Commonsblock
  • Free Agent Meeting for Fall Leagues – Thursday, Sep 14, 2017 – 5:00pm – Student Recreation Centre
  • Free Agent Meeting for Winter Leagues – Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017 – 5:00pm – Student Recreation Centre

I’ve never played before, or I haven’t played in a long time. What can I do?

This year, we’ve added a Learn to Play night for each league.  During this free, hour-long session, you will be taught the basic skills and rules of the sport or activity you are interested in so that you are confident going into the Intramural Season.  Learn to Play night is Wednesday, September 13th for all League sports.  Specific time and location can be found on each League Page under Important Dates.

I’m looking for something a little more casual

UBC Intramurals offers a lot of casual or informal programs for those who are looking to play their favourite sports, but without a long commitment or a competition structure to follow.

Drop-In Programs

Most facilities under UBC Recreation have drop-in opportunities to play various sports associated with that venue including ice hockey, swimming, basketball, volleyball, and futsal. There are also opportunities to try less traditional sports such as Wheelchair Basketball and Cricket. Check out the Drop-In Schedule

Staff and Faculty Volleyball League

Each Wednesday at 12:00pm at the Student Recreation Centre UBC Staff and Faculty come come drop in and play volleyball for free.  To sign up, please check out the Staff and Faculty Volleyball League sign up. All skill levels are present and welcome!

Timing for this event by our UBC Recreation Intramurals team. Result for all our Pumpkin Run runners can be found here.

Latest Pumpkin Run News

Congratulations to our Pumpkin Run Winners!

Congratulations to all of our winners at this year’s Pumpkin Run Event.

A full list of run times can be found here.

Thank-you to everyone who came out to make this year’s event a success.

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events!


2017 Pumpkin Run Highlights

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Pumpkin Run – Registration Extended Until Midnight

Pumpkin Run registration has been extended till midnight tonight, October 23rd.

Make sure to register before it’s too late!

The Inaugural Pumpkin Run

This halloween, UBC Rec has the ultimate treat for your feet…the first ever Pumpkin Run! Also known as, the perfect way to justify a weekend of candy munching.

source: giphy

Our new event merges fitness and fun with a festive 6km race through Pacific Spirit Park. The event takes place from 1pm-5pm on October 27th, with the race starting at 2pm. Take on the 6km solo, divide and conquer with a 4-person relay team, or try the 2km “fun run” route with themed activities along the way.

Is the race itself not enough to entice you?

How about an amazing post-race celebration at UBC Farm with awards, post-race pancakes, smoothies and pumpkin inspired foods, gifts for all participants, and more! Sounds to me like a great way to have some fun with old friends and to make some new ones. Don’t forget to wear a costume…there might even be some swanky awards for the best dressed.

source: giphy

Still wondering if this event is for you? Let me prove that it is!

If you’re a…

…team of awesome staff at UBC, take on the 4-person relay!

…student with a huge class crush, invite them for a pre or post-class walk!

…faculty member swamped with marking, de-stress with a light jog!

…community member with kids, bring them out for a walk and post-race festivities!

…passionate athlete, take on the race and go for the gold!

…person who likes to have a good time, just come on out!

The Pumpkin Run is one of the three events, the other two being Day of the LongBoat and Storm the Wall, your team needs to win to receive UBC Rec’s Triple Crown. So if you’re going for the prestigious title, you can’t afford to miss this one!

source: giphy

Remember to register by Monday October 23rd at 5pm and to click “attending” on the Facebook event! If you’re taking part in the relay, submit your roster by Wednesday October 25th at 5pm.