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Thinking about helping our epic student staff execute this event?

Top reasons why YOU should volunteer:

  1. You get to meet and hang out with a group of incredibly fun and interesting people
  2. We seriously have a lot of fun…
  3. You get a free t-shirt and most of our events provide free food
  4. Learn the in’s & out’s of UBC Intramurals if you are interested in joining our student staff in future years!

Interested? Send us an email!

looks like fun right?

Any questions? concerns? Send an email to

Connect with us Online!

Throughout the week before – day of – and afterwards you can reach us through our online platforms! Send your questions to us through twitter, post your photos to instagram – we want to hear from you!

Use the hashtag #UBCIntramurals to document your favourite moments throughout the day and communicate with us!

Volunteer FAQ

What are the perks?
You will receive a free T-shirt and get to meet some pretty awesome people!

Will there be food?
Most of our events provide volunteers with a slice or two of pizza and water. But if you are a hungry person bring yourself some snacks just in case!

Do I have to be available the whole time?
Nope, we will provide you with shifts for whatever time you have. We respect that you have other commitments and priorities.

If I signed up for clean up, how long will that take?
It varies, but likely 1-2 hours of clean up and tidying – It’s the homestretch!

Are there back-up plans for bad weather? (outdoor events)
Make sure you bring a waterproof jacket. Our outdoor events run rain or shine! But we will do our best to keep you as dry as possible.

Is there a volunteer training session?
There will be a volunteer orientation session. If you were/are unable to attend please ensure that you have spoken to the staffing coordinator (or send an email) about your duties! The email should be found at the top of this page!

Do I need first aid? What if someone gets hurt?
In most areas there will be someone on hand who has first aid. If you aren’t sure or comfortable, talk to your area leader who will be able to direct the situation into the correct hands.