Leagues Tier Explanation

UBC Recreation Intramurals provides a variety of competitive and non-competitive leagues for all of our sports.

Tier 1: Highest level of Intramural Leagues competition. All games are officiated and players should have a significant experience in this sport.

Tier 2: Middle level of competitive leagues and available in all leagues but not necessarily all divisions. All games are officiated – except for Ultimate, which is never officiated. Players should have a moderate-to-high level of experience in this sport.

Tier 3: Lowest level of competitive leagues. All games are officiated – except for Volleyball, which is only officiated in playoffs, and Ultimate, which is never officiated. Players at this tier can be beginners, but some basic understanding of the sport is recommended.

Just For Fun: Non-competitive league. Not available in all leagues and not officiated, Just For Fun leagues are for anyone wanting to learn about the sport and/or participate without the competitive structure.

Morning/Afternoon Leagues:  A balance between the randomness of Drop-In and the commitment of a regular league.  Offered for Soccer, and Ice Hockey.  Morning/Afternoon Leagues run at the same time and day of the week each week, are officiated, but teams are not set until players arrive, so commitment for each week is not required. For all skill levels.