One Pass. Unlimited Yoga & Pilates

New This Year! Increase your strength, flexibility, and awareness in one of our many yoga and Pilates offerings. We are excited to offer four different pass options for our yoga and pilates class offerings. Choose what works best for you.




Yoga and Pilates Pass Pricing

1 Term a 1 Month b 5 Class Pass c 1 Class d
Student $199.00 $75.00 $40.00 $10.00
Staff & Faculty $215.00 $80.00 $45.00 $11.00
Public $230.00 $90.00 $50.00 $12.00
aUnlimited yoga and Pilates classes for the duration of the term. Pass expires December 8, 2017. These passes will not be sold after November 8, 2017.
bUnlimited yoga and Pilates classes for the duration of 30 days. Pass expires 30 days from the date of purchase.
cPass includes access to 5 classes of your choice. Pass expires 30 days from the date of purchase.
dPass includes a drop-in class. Must be purchased the day-of the class.
Please note that there are no classes on Stat Holiday Weekends including the Monday.


To purchase a pass, visit the front desk of the Student Recreation Centre or Ponderosa Commons Studio prior to your first class. 

Yoga & Pilates Class Schedule

Winter Classes start the week of January 8, 2018! Classes kick off with Free Week where you can try any class for free from January 8-14.

Class Descriptions

50/50 Yoga Pilates classes fuses lower-body strength through standing pilates exercises while integrating core-strengthening through vinyassa yoga poses. This class is suited for those looking for a total body workout while achieving a balanced mind-body experience and reinforced pilates principles.

A great all-levels class for those who wish to move their bodies and relax deeply. This class will be slower paced and softer than a power class, however it still focuses on strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. This class incorporates sun salutations and juicy stretches with an emphasis on calming the body and mind. Basic yoga postures are combined with regulated breath and performed in a systematic and accessible manner. This class helps reduce stress, increase energy, stretch, strengthen muscles and encourages you to breathe more freely and fully.

Pilates is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles, creating a toned and lean look. Pilates improves posture, flexibility and balance. Core exercises are emphasized, and you will definitely feel the burn!

A one hour class, offering a calming start to the day and a much-needed break mid week. These restorative postures work deep into the subtle tissues of the body, relieving stress and strain and enhancing flexibility.

Get ready to breathe and sweat! An energetic class that starts by heating the body up with sun salutations, followed with a creative flow of standing, balancing, seated, and twisting poses, with optional inverted poses in the mix too. Vinyasa-powered, flowing from pose to pose by connecting each movement with breath. A mellow cool down at the end to savasana. Definitely a challenging class!


Want to do yoga but don’t think you are flexible enough? This workshop will share an accessible yoga class designed for the stiffest of the stiff and those with moderate levels of flexibility. Beginners, athletes, and all ages are welcome.

Class Day(s) Times Start End Sessions Location UBC Student CSC / UNA Staff / Faculty Public Register by
Yoga for the Inflexible Sun 2:00PM – 4:00PM Nov 5 Nov 5 1 sessions SRC Dojo $20.00  $25.00  $25.00  $30.00  Nov 2
71983 71978 71978 71976

Latest Mind & Body News

Hot Water Outage-SRC

Please be advised that Building Ops will be replacing the hot water heat exchange switch in the SRC on Thursday, November 16th. This means that there will be no hot water at the SRC on Nov. 16th from 7:00am – 1:00pm. Hot water will be back on after 1:00pm. There will still be water pressure during this time frame – just no hot water.

Daylight Saving Time: It’s time to fall back!

It’s that time of year again – Daylight Saving Time is ending this Sunday (November 5th) at 2am. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour!

Thanksgiving Weekend Instructional Class Reminder

This is a reminder that all yoga, dance, pilates, martial arts and other instructional classes run in the SRC and Ponderosa are cancelled during the Thanksgiving long weekend (October 7-9).  Additionally, the SRC will have restricted hours on Monday Oct 9.

Drop-in for Fitness/Instructional Classes are Now Available!

Please be advised that registration for fitness/instructional classes has now closed for the Fall term. However, if you wish to attend classes, drop-in are now available for some fitness/instructional classes. Please refer to the most up-to-date schedule.