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The UBC Thunderbirds Dragon Boat Sport Club is entering its first year in the Department of Athletics and Recreation and is an opportunity for students to represent the University in competitions. Beginning as an AMS Club (known as UBC Thunder) and recreational team 4 years ago, UBC Thunder only recently entered the competitive paddling scheme in our 2015-16 season, placing in the top competitive division of every regatta. The team competes primarily in the Lower Mainland, but is surveying prospective regattas at national and international levels. In our 2015-16 season, UBC Thunder competed in the FCRCC OC-6 March Madness Regatta, FCRCC Knockout Regatta, Spring Sprint Regatta, Dragon Zone 500m Regatta, Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival, Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta, Seattle Dragon Boat Festival, and lastly, the Steveston Dragon Boat Festival.

With each season beginning in September, the team trains year-round. Each week consists of 3-4 dragon boat practices, 1-2 solo sessions in Outrigger Canoe-1 (OC-1), and 3 mandatory gym sessions. Recruitment for the team begins in September, and race season runs from late April to late August. Since entering the competitive scene, UBC Thunder’s primary goal for the upcoming 2016-17 season is to compete at the Canadian National Dragon Boat Championship in Welland, Ontario.

TSC_2016-17_DragonBoat_2016TeamPhoto_Oct2016 2016 AMS UBC Thunder

Our Mission:
1. To fortify the presence of the UBC community in the dragon boating scene.
2. To offer UBC students a competitive environment that fosters discipline and builds teamwork.
3. To promote fun, fitness and friendship within the UBC student community.
4. To assemble a team of committed athletes to participate in dragon boating festivals all around Canada and the world.

With the current roster size, the team manages to balance a tight-knit community while also appealing to both ends of the competitive paddling spectrum, from newcomers of the sport, to highly experienced veterans. The team’s competitive edge is built during our practices, while the family bond is obtained off the water at dinners, socials, and team events.

For more information on how to join our team, or to clarify any of your questions, please contact an Executive at dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca

Eligibility Requirements:

Aspiring paddlers must showcase hard work and determination to improve and strive for the best.They should also have prior experience or show willingness and enthusiasm to learn or perform their role on the team.

Successful paddlers are expected to execute the workout training implemented such as:

  • Attending 3 practices/week,
  • Attending OC-1 sessions once/week, and
  • Working out 3 times/week.

They should be able to attend all the regattas in the race season as well. Having paddling experience is an asset.

Try Outs:

Recruitment will begin in September and open tryouts will be held. We host open trial practices in the last week of September where the executive members of the team and coaches will interact with both new and veteran paddlers to just try the sport out. Following that, we will be holding 3 rounds of tryouts in the month of October. There is where coaches will observing technique and work ethic. The advancement of rounds will only be through invitation via email.

The main criteria we look for during recruitment are:

1. Regatta Availability
Regatta availability entails that most, if not all of the listed regattas can be attended. We want to ensure that the team that practices together can also race together at all the regattas as one cohesive unit. Priority will be given to those who are willing to commit to these competitions now, versus those who do not know their summer schedule and are unsure.

2. Practice Attendance
We invite everyone who is interested and are sure that they can be in Vancouver for the regattas to come out to practice for the rest of October. Those with the highest attendance in October are more likely to secure a spot, BUT if we notice that your attendance drops off any time after October, we reserve the right to re-evaluate your position on the team. The dragon boat teams with paddlers who practice together the most are typically the most successful teams. At UBC, we strive to cultivate and maintain a team-first mentality – this starts with excellent attendance so that our team can put in the number of hours it takes to be successful.

3. Commitment to the Competitive Team + Attitude
It goes without saying that in order to be on the competitive team, you must meet the previous 2 expectations. However, if there is a lot of interest, this may be the deciding factor on whether or not you get a spot. There are a total of 24 spots – 12 male, 12 female. Keep in mind that the competitive team will have 3-4 mandatory dragon boat practices weekly, mandatory gym workouts, and one OC-1 session.

Team Fees:

As our primary goal for the coming 2016-17 season is to compete at the Canadian National Dragon Boat Championship in Welland, Ontario (August 2017).

Every paddler is required to pay $350 at the beginning of each term (September and January) as well as participate in fundraising activities to meet the $200 per individual goal at the end of each term.
The total amount will cover our competition registration fee, flights, and accommodations in Welland, dragon boat rentals, and practices at the Creekside Community Centre, jerseys, and all the regattas we will be participating in throughout the season including the: Concord Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival, DragonZone 500m Regatta, and FCRCC Knockout Regatta.

Practice Schedule:

UBC TSC Dragon Boat practices are on:

  • Tuesdays (6:00pm – 8:00pm),
  • Fridays (6:00pm -8:00pm),
  • Sundays (9:00am -11:00am)

Practices are held at Creekside Community Centre (Olympic Village). We begin immediately after trials up until the very last regatta of the season, which is usually late September to August. Paddlers are also expected to do weekly individual training on the water with OC-1 boats (1-person outrigger canoes) at Creekside and work out at a gym of their preference.

Competition Schedule:

Lotus Icebreaker V-12 = January 14 2017, Burnaby, BC.
FCRCC March Madness = March 25 2017, Vancouver, BC.
FCRCC Knockout Regatta = May 6 2017, Vancouver, BC.
Dragon Zone 500m Regatta = June 10-11 2017, Vancouver, BC.
Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival = June 24-25 2017, Vancouver, BC.
Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta = July 22 2017, Harrison Hot Springs, BC.
Canadian Dragon Boat Championships = August 4-6 2017, Welland, ON.

2017 Season Results

  • Lotus Icebreaker V-12
    • UBC TSC – A: 1st in Mixed Open Heat
    • UBC TSC – B: 2nd in Mixed Open Heat
  • FCRCC March Madness
    • UBC TSC – Men’s A: 8th out of 15 in Open Men Category
    • UBC TSC – Men’s B: 13th out of 15 in Open Men Category
    • UBC TSC – Women’s A: 6th out of 14 in Open Women Category
    • UBC TSC – Women’s A: 10th out of 14 in Open Women Category
    • UBC TSC – Mixed A: 5th out of 32 in Open Mixed Category
    • UBC TSC – Mixed B: 11th out of 32 in Open Mixed Category
    • UBC TSC – Mixed C: 17th out of 32 in Open Mixed Category
    • UBC TSC – Mixed D: 22nd out of 32 in Open Mixed Category



  • FCRCC Knockout Regatta
  • Dragon Zone 500m Regatta
  • Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival
  • Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta
  • Canadian Dragon Boat Championships


2016 Season Results

  • Dragon Zone Spring Sprint Regatta:
    • 3rd & 5th Place in Competitive Division
  • FCRCC Knockout Regatta:
    • 3rd Place in Competitive Mixed Division
    • 2nd Place in Competitive Women Division
  • Dragon Zone 500m Regatta:
    • 2nd Place in Division A
  • Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival:
    • 6th Place in Competitive A Mixed Championship
    • 4th Place in Competitive Open Division
    • 3rd Place in Competitive Women Division
    • 7th Place in Mixed Guts & Glory (2km)
    • 3rd Place in Women Guts & Glory (2km)
  • Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta:
    • 2nd Place in Competitive Championship
  • Seattle Dragon Boat Festival:
    • 1st Place in Competitive Mixed Division
    • 1st Place in Women’s Competitive Division
    • 1st Place in Open Divison
  • Steveston Dragon Boat Festival:
    • 1st Place in Mixed A Championship


2016 Concord Pacfic Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival
AMS UBC Thunder Women Division Medal Ceremony (PC: Caotography)

The UBC Thunder Dragon Boat Team was previously a part of an AMS club founded in 2012 by Jennifer Chin and Vincent Lee along with a group of competitive paddlers, who graduated from Eric Hamber Secondary School and wanted to continue the sport at UBC. Although it began as a recreational team, the competitive drive of the paddlers and coaches, along with the expansion of the team roster from 30 to 60 paddlers eventually led half of the team to transition to a competitive team. With the recent surge in interest for dragon boat, and the expanded team roster, UBC Thunder has been able to provide a team for a diverse spectrum of paddlers ranging from the most competitive to the largely recreational and social.

2014 AMS UBC Thunder

2014 AMS UBC Thunder (PC: Caotography)

Since 2012, UBC Thunder has attracted not only UBC students, but also students from different universities and colleges in the Lower Mainland. What sets UBC Thunder apart from other teams, however, is the strong bond the team has developed; on top of seeing each other every day for practice or in the gym, the team eats together on a regular basis and holds monthly social events, doing everything from sports days, to team movie nights, karaoke, weekend retreats, and participating in annual UBC REC events like Storm the Wall and Day of the Longboat.

Name Position Email
Carmen To Fundraising Coordinator dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca
Charlie Liu Travel and Safety Officer dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca
Daniel Wong Club Lead dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca
Gregory Goana Marketing and Communication Officer dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca
Ryan Lau Club Lead dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca
Ziharr Magnaye Finance Officer dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca

Besides the typical chocolate bar fundraisers and bake sale, this year we are also aiming to run a couple of car washes and pub crawls, as well as collaborate with other TSC teams for potential on water tournaments. Because we are such a big team, we also volunteer our time and effort at galas and music festivals in exchange for grants and exposure to the community.

Interested in learning to Dragon Boat or participate at a recreation level? Feel free to email us at dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca or visit our AMS affiliate, AMS UBC Thunder here: http://ubcdragonboat.com/

UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs - Dragon Boat
6000 Student Union Blvd.
Student Recreation Centre
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

604-822-3683 dragonboat.sc@ubc.ca

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