Best of UBC TSC Awards


The UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs program is proud to celebrate the sporting achievements, commitment and leadership of student executives, and overall appreciation for the Student Athletes in the Best of UBC TSC Awards Banquet.

The winners of the Thunderbirds Sport Clubs Team of the Year Award are highly competitive and exemplify the spirit of sportsmanship. They strive for excellence on and off their playing field, embody the responsibilities and values of a UBC student athlete, and contribute positively to the UBC community. The team of the year are passionate and committed to their respective sport as individuals, but more importantly as a team.

2016-17 Recipients:

UBC Thunderbirds Sailing Sport Club

2015-16 Recipients:

UBC Thunderbirds Men's Lacrosse Sport Club

A new award this year, the TSC Athlete of the Year is awarded to the top male and female student who demonstrates extraordinary athletic performance in their given discipline. They are hardworking, resilient in the face of adversity in competition, and dedicated to pushing themselves to achieving new personal bests. These two individuals have set themselves apart from their competitors and represent the top tier of competitive excellence that the Sport Clubs program has to offer.

2016-17 Male Recipient:

Johannes Kite-Powell, Sailing

2016-17 Female Recipient:

Ellen Au-Yeung, Women's Ultimate

The TSC Executives of the Year award is given to the team of executives that have presented themselves as unified leaders for their team. They demonstrate initiative and action to progress their sport club both administratively and competitively. These executives place an emphasis on open communication with their peers, other members of the executive council, and the sport club office. They express passion and motivation for developing the Thunderbird sport club culture.

2016-17 Recipients:

Dragon Boat Executives (Ryan Lau, Daniel Wong, Ziharrphil Magnaye, Charlie Liu, Gregory Goana, Carmen To)

2015-16 Recipients:

Women's Ultimate Executives (Victoria McCann, Mira Donaldson, Ellen Au-Yeung, Joanna Lo)

The TSC Student Leadership Award is given to the male and female individual who demonstrates several qualities of a leader. He or she is hardworking and dedicated to seeing the progression of their sport club. They understand the importance of team success without sacrificing individual achievements. This student is positive, resilient when faced with challenges, and a role model. They are the heart of the team.

2016-17 Male Recipient:

Mitchell Kitt, Lacrosse

2016-17 Female Recipients:

Ashley-Belle Burns, Sailing

Jessica Silva, Women's Tennis

2015-16 Male Recipient:

Sean Montgomery, Men's Ultimate

2015-16 Female Recipient:

Kayla Johnston, Alpine Ski

The TSC Athlete Council Sportsmanship award is presented to the individuals that embody the essence of sportsmanship and team spirit in each sport club. These student athletes bring positive energy and attitude to the group during practice and competitions. These particular individuals were nominated and chosen by their peers.

2016-17 Recipients:

·         Lauren Hale, Alpine Ski
·         Katrina Waldhauser, Cycling
·         Amy Cheng, Dragon Boat
·         Kelsi Jessamine, Equestrian
·         Spencer Schoen, Lacrosse
·         Nora Apelgren, Nordic Ski
·         Julie Velasquez, Quidditch
·         Stephanie Stearman, Sailing
·         Shannon Pfleuger, Synchronized Swimming
·         Connor Khademazad, Men's Tennis
·         Helena Son, Women's Tennis
·         Patrick Mavety, Men's Ultimate
·         Katherine McGuire, Women's Ultimate
·         James Baylis, Water Polo

2015-16 Recipients:

·         Bryan Cadman, Alpine Ski
·         Vincenzo Coia, Fencing
·         Jesse Labrecque, Men's Lacrosse
·         Max Easterbrooke, Nordic Ski
·         Sandra Macko, Sailing
·         Tim Yaromush, Synchronized Swimming
·         Stefan Lazarevic, Men's Tennis
·         Jessica Silva, Women's Tennis
·         Graeme Rennie, Men's Ultimate
·         Megan Zhu, Women's Ultimate
·         Elliot To, Wrestling


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