Social Media Code of Conduct for Sport Clubs Athletes

UBC TSC Social Media Policy

UBC TSC Social Media Poliy
  • Social Media Policy

  • Playing and competing for the UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs is a privilege not a right. As student-athletes, we have the responsibility to portray our team, our school and ourselves in a positive manner at all times.

    Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others provide individuals with an opportunity to interact with an extraordinarily expansive universe of new people and connect with current friends. These and other social networking sites have increased in popularity and are used by the majority of student-athletes at UBC. Postings on personal profiles, groups and forums are in the public domain and easily accessible by anyone including league officials, University faculty and staff, reporters, parents, coaches, groupies, predators, employers, and graduate school admissions officials. Once information is posted, it can be accessed by computer savvy individuals and even retrieved after it has been deleted – including pictures, videos, comments and posts. Inappropriate material found by third parties affects the perception of the student, the Athletics and Recreation department and UBC. This can be detrimental to a student-athlete’s future and reputation.

    While the Athletics and Recreation Department does not prohibit student-athlete involvement with Internet-based social networking communities, this high standard of honour and dignity encompasses comments and postings made to Internet sites. The Athletics and Recreation Department reserves the right to take action against any currently enrolled UBC TSC student-athlete engaged in behavior that violates University, Department, or team rules, including such behavior that occurs in postings on the Internet.

    Examples of inappropriate and offensive behaviours concerning participation in online communities may include depictions or presentations of the following:

    • Posting photos, videos, comments or posters showing the personal use of alcohol by underage student athletes, eg., holding cups, cans, shot glasses etc.
    • Posting photos, videos, and comments that are of a sexual nature. This includes links to websites of a pornographic nature and other inappropriate material.
    • Posting pictures, videos, comments or posters that condone drug-related activity. This includes but is not limited to images that portray the personal use of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.
    • Using inappropriate or offensive language in all comments, videos and other postings. This includes threats of violence and derogatory comments against any person, race, religion and/or gender.

      For your own safety, please keep the following recommendations in mind as you participate in social networking websites:

    • Think twice before posting. If you wouldn’t want your parents, coaches, or future employer to see your post, don’t post it.
    • Understand and use privacy settings. Ideally, you should set security settings so only your friends can view your profile
    • You should not post your email, home address, local address, telephone number(s), or other personal information as it could lead to unwanted attention, stalking, identity theft, etc.
    • Be aware of who you add as a friend to your site – many people are looking to take advantage of student-athletes or to seek connection with student-athletes.
    • If you find any sites that falsely appear to be yours, notify the Sport Club Coordinator, as this constitutes identity theft, and the University will assist your efforts to have the offensive site removed.
    • Be cautious about which public forums you join. Once you become a member, you are linked to the discussion that takes place within that group. Typically, only the group’s administrator is able to delete your group membership or postings made to a group site.
    • Be in the right state of mind when you make a post. Don’t post when you are angry, upset, or your judgment is impaired in anyway. Remember the Internet is permanent!

    If you are ever in doubt of the appropriateness of your online public material, consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your own values and ethics as well as the athletics department and the University. Remember always present a positive image and don’t do anything to embarrass yourself, the team, your family or UBC.

    By signing below, I confirm that I will comply with the above Social Media Policy, and that I have had an adequate opportunity to read and understand it, have had an opportunity to ask questions about it, and any questions I have had have been answered to my satisfaction.