Storm the Wall Event Information

Event Description

Are you ready for one of UBC’s most iconic experiences? Swim, sprint, bike, run & STORM THE WALL! Participate as a Competitive or Just-for-Fun team, or challenge yourself to do the whole course on your own as an Iron Person. A fun & exciting UBC tradition!

Event Format

Teams of 5 compete in this one-of-a-kind event. Each person competes in a different leg of the race before meeting to Storm the Wall together. Ironpeople complete all the legs of the race on their own and Storm the Wall with the help of one other person.
*The 6th person is an alternate and is recommended for teams who may advance due to the likelihood of scheduling conflicts with team members.

CoRec Ratio: 1 to 1 plus or minus 1

Imports: 1 – Divisional (AUS, EUS, VAN, TOT, etc) teams are permitted one import on their roster. All imports must be current student, staff or faculty.

**Please note: All Staff and Faculty members are considered an import on a student team (Ex. Arts student team, an Arts Staff would be an import)
**Please note: CoREC teams comprised of two units under the Hindmarch Division (ex. Beta/Alpha Gam) can only draw from membership of the same Hindmarch Units. Designated imports are not permitted. This includes the unit designated as “Phrateres”.

Event Date: Sunday March 25th to Wednesday March 28th

Manadatory Pre-Race Clinics:

  • All Student/Faculty/Staff  Teams ~ Monday March 19th to Friday March 23rd
  • UBC Alumni and Community Teams ~ Sunday March 25th, 2018

Registration Deadlines:

  • UBC Students/Faculty/Staff  ~ Friday March 16th, 2017
  • UBC Alumni Races ~ Wednesday March 23rd, 2018
  • Community Races ~ Wednesday March 23rd, 2018

Team Roster Submission Deadline: Wednesday March 23rd, 2018

How much does it cost?

  • Current UBC Student ~ $49.00 for a team and $17.00 for an individual (Iron or SuperIron Person)
  • Current UBC Staff ~ $79.00 for a team and $30.00 for an individual (Iron or SuperIron Person)
  • Community/Highschool ~ $129.00 for a team and $39.00 for an individual (Iron or SuperIron Person)
  • UBC Alumni ~ $125.00 for a team (click here for more information and registration)

Where do I register?
You can register in person at the Student Recreation Centre or online. Follow the registration link at the bottom of the page. Remember, you must choose a clinic time before registering for you race time. UBC Alumni, please click here for more information and registration.

Who can compete in Storm the Wall?
Students, staff, faculty members, alumni, community members, and high school students.

Can community members do Ironman/woman?
Yes, there is an Ironperson heat for community members on Sunday, March 25th at 11:20am.

How many people can we have on our team?
You can have 5 people competing in the race. However, you are allowed to have 6 people on your roster in case of substitutions during advancement heats.

How do I submit my team’s roster?
Follow this link and use the Team Access Code and Team ID that will have been emailed to the team captain following the registration deadline. Your team captain will receive an email containing all the information on how to submit your team’s roster.

What is the CoRec ratio?
If you are competing as a CoRec team, you must have 2 males and 2 females plus one of either gender on your team. You must have 2 females and 2 males on the course (i.e. doing the swim, sprint, bike, and run). The 5th person, who is the wall person, can be either gender.

How does my team advance?
Advancements are based on the first team in each heat, with some advancements based on time.

Where do I find the advancement information for my team?
Advancements will be posted online by 8:00pm each night. Please check back regularly to see if your team has advanced.

Do we have to compete in our advancement heat?
No, if you do not wish to compete in your advancement heat, please send an email to and let us know that you will not be attending your race.

Can I change my heat time?
You can attempt to change your heat time and we will do our best to accommodate you. Due to the large number of teams, we may not be able to change your heat time. Send an email to with your team name and your original heat time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What are the distances of the race?
Swim: 225m Sprint: 172m Bike: 3km Run: 1.5km (2017 distances, 2018 TBA)

I don’t have a bike, what do I do?
We have a limited number of bikes and helmets that we can rent out for free. Email with your name, student number, email, team name, and the date and time of your race. Send this email as soon as possible in order to guarantee that we have a bike for you! You can also rent a bike from More Bikes (located in the Wesbrook Village) for a cost.

What is an Ironman/Ironwoman?
Ironmen complete all legs of the race by themselves and then they get the help of one person at the top of the wall to get them over. Ironwoman complete all legs of the race by themselves and then they get the help of one person at the bottom of the wall to help them get over.

What is a Super Ironman/ Super Ironwoman?
Super Ironmen complete all legs of the race by themselves and must also get over the wall by themselves. Super Ironwomen complete all legs of the race by themselves and get the help of one person at the top of the wall to help get them over.

Can we be on more than one team?
Yes, you can be on a competitive male/female team, a competitive CoRec team, and you can be on any Just For Fun team! You can also compete as an Ironperson and/or a Super Ironperson.

What is a Just For Fun team?
Just for Fun teams register for one race only and cannot advance to further heats. The distances for Just For Fun teams are also shorter for the bike and swim (5 laps instead of 9).

What is the difference between and a Divisional and a Campus Wide team?
Divisional teams are made up of people who all belong to the same unit (e.g. same faculty, same residence, etc.). For example, if you are all Kinesiology students, you would all be in the Kinesiology unit and would compete as a Divisional team. Campus Wide teams have no restrictions on the unit.

How many imports can you have on a Divisional team?
You can have 1 import. This means that if you are registered in the Arts division, you can have 1 person on your team who is not in Arts while still competing as an Arts team.

How do you get over the wall?
There are many different techniques, all of which you can learn when you go to your Storm the Wall clinic (see below)!

What is a Storm the Wall Clinic and when are they?
Storm the Wall Clinics are sessions that provide all the information on how the race works and assist you in ensuring that your team knows what to do on race day and does not get disqualified. They also include a practical session where you can practice going over the wall. Clinics run from March 19th – March 23rd. Sessions run every half an hour from 9:30am-4:30pm and you must register for a clinic before registering for your race time.

What is the Storm the Wall Festival?
This year, Storm the Wall is even bigger than ever before! We have two days that will include large festival aspects to them. On Sunday, March 25th, there will be a Community and Alumni focused Festival which includes activities for children, performances, a picnic lunch area, and much more!
On Wednesday, March 28th, there will be a Student-focused Festival. This day includes fan booths, food, beer, an after party at The Pit, and much more! Both days will include tons of fun activities and prizes for participants and spectators.

Can I volunteer for the event?
Yes, we love volunteers! Click here and fill out the online volunteer form!