Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the UBC Tennis Club?

No membership is required to play at UBC Tennis Centre. However, we do offer a Court Booking Card for purchase, which will allow you to book 2 hours of court time 7 days in advance, as opposed to only 24 hours in advance.

Are there special programs for staff and faculty?

Yes, all of our adult programs are great for staff/faculty of UBC. We also offer programs specifically for staff/faculty during lunch at reduced rates.

What is UNA?

The University Neighborhood Association (UNA) is a municipal council for the local areas on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. One of the perks of becoming a member is a 10% discount on our programs and court bookings when you present your UNA card in person at the time of the registration and/or booking. See for more information and to see if you are eligible to join.

How many hours can I book a tennis court for?

We book a minimum of 1 hour, and a maximum of 2 hours, on the hour (i.e. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00…etc.). Half hour court times may be permitted from time to time depending on the UBC court schedule for that day.

When can I book a tennis court?

You can book up to 24 hours in advance for your desired court time. For example, if you wish to book a court on Wednesday at 7:00pm, the earliest you would be able to book will be on Tuesday 7:00 pm.

Do you have an online booking system?

We currently do not have an online booking system. We book over the phone (604-822-2505) as well as in person.

What are the fees associated with the outdoor court?

The outdoor court has the same court fee as the indoor courts of the new center.  UNA members can rent this court for free when they reserve in person and present their UNA card.

Do you take American Express?

We do not accept American Express at this time.

What should I bring on the first day of my tennis program?

Water, Tennis rackets and non-marking athletic shoes, tennis shoes are recommended. If you are not sure where to purchase these, Rackets & Runners ( is a good place to start with knowledgeable staff.

What is your dress code?

Proper tennis footwear should be worn at all times.  Non tennis footwear can damage the court surface and increases risk of injury.  Athletic attire is strongly encouraged and a shirt must be worn at all times.

Do you have towels?

We do not have a towel service.

Do you have shoes I can borrow?


Do you sell tennis rackets?  Where’s a good place to buy them?

No, a great place to purchase tennis equipment is at Rackets & Runners  – We do, however, have rackets that you can demo during your court booking for a small fee.

Do you sell red/orange/green balls?

We do not sell red/orange/green balls.

What types of strings should I get?

This depends on many variables. Please ask a coach or at the front desk.  If you really want to get technical we can have our certified stringer call you and discuss your needs when you drop your racket off for stringing services.

Do you guys have any change?

We recommend you get change from the local banks as we are often unable to provide this service.  This is partly due to keeping low amounts of cash for security purposes.

Are the coaches Tennis Canada certified?

All of our coaches are Tennis Canada certified.

How do I get lessons with the coaches?

Our coaches are currently very busy. However, we do offer one-off private lessons. Please contact the Centre for more information: 604-822-2505. Availability may vary.

Can we transfer classes if we find that the level is too low/high?

Yes, as long as the coaches agree to the transfer and the program you wish to transfer to has available space.  Any cost differential will be covered by the participant.

Can I still register for programs if the first day of class has passed?

Yes, but only after missing one class for adult programs, junior programs you can register after missing two classes. Late registrations are prorated and subject to available space.

Do you need an evaluation to join the Red/Orange/Green competitive?

For any competitive stream your level should be confirmed by a UBC coach or verified by sufficient past experience. If this is your first time at the Centre, an evaluation is a great way to determine your level.

Do you need an evaluation to join the U12/U14/Teen/Adult High Performance Programs?


What time does my child come for Friday match play? Red? Orange? Green? Youth? Teen?

The Red levels do not have match play. The Orange Fundamental and Competitive match play begins at 3:30pm. The Green, Youth and Teen Fundamental match play begins at 4:00pm. The Green Competitive, Teen Competitive, Challengers, Champs, and Elite match play begins at 5:00pm.

What is the difference between clinics and drills?

Clinics are a structured lesson and focus on teaching technique and fundamentals. Drills are more of a practice session, they are fast passed and have you hit lots off balls, there is still a coach to organize drills and give feedback but we will not slow down the whole class to deal with detailed technical aspects; this is reserved for a clinic.

What do the numbers (1.0, 2.0 etc.) mean in front of your classes?

A 1.0 player is a complete beginner player and a 5.0 is an open level player. Please consult our self-rating guide for more information.

I missed a class. Can I make it up?

There are no make-up classes.

Where do I park?

There is street parking with meters on the East Mall Rd, and the multi-level Thunderbird Parkade on Thunderbird Blvd. Please consult UBC Parking’s website for more information.